Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Media Collections of the Year

Newspapers and magazines right after the death of Anne Nicole Smith brought out dirt on the blonde bombshell. One, of course, was that she was semi-illiterate before she bagged that Playboy deal. Houston Chronicle interviewed a Playboy scout and had this photo caption:
When Redding, a longtime scout for Playboy, discovered Smith, the model could barely right a sentence…”

Reuters turned on the Spellchecker when it wrote about the “Muttonhead Quail Movement” when it meant the Muttahida Quami Movement.
Then, of course, there is Barrack Obama who was identified as "Osama" by CNN and New York Post and mispelled a lot of times (nine different spellings from Hartford Courant).
Then here's a correction from the Sun about Yoko Ono eating dogmeat:
The resulting apology from the Sun (UK):

Our May 30 story headed “Uuurrgh! My Corgi kebab is a bit ruff” said that Yoko Ono was on a radio show and “tasted” dog meat which was being eaten by an animal rights activist.
The report, which was filed to us by several leading press agencies was wholly wrong and Ms Ono did not appear or take part in the show.
We sincerely apologise to Ms Ono for the offence and distress caused to her.

More corrections of the year from Regret the Error.

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