Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Gloria's Nose

"A Day in the Life of Gloria" is an animated feature with President Gloria Arroyo's nose turned into Pinocchio's whenever she lies, which is most of her breathing time. Not really an original concept as I've seen this turn out even in works written by children. But I have not watched "A Day..." because the MTRCB banned it for putting PGMA in a bad light. The MTRCB has long had a dismal history so I'm not complaining. Activists in Manila showed "A Day..." and "Mendiola" in the light of what was happening to Filipino artists and media recently. The National Press Club, suffering from gout, "censored" a mural made by Angono artists. Medi a were handcuffed using plastic straw for covering the Manila Pen Standoff and ABSCBN was reprimanded for their impeccable coverage. Anyway, here's the first part (I think there are eight parts) of Gloria as Pinocchio:

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