Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rock Paper and Scissors: My Wikipedia Entry

We call this "Jack n Poy" but the mechanism is the same. Now they have a RPS convention and Olympics. Just three choices but the permutations are amazing. I remembered someone added during our "JnP" another choice called the "knife" which beats paper and rock but can only be used once. I don't know where that came from but I remember it was the Cold War and could only be Russian in nature:

As you can see here, the battle can change history.

In the Philippines, the "V" sign used by the Marcos Loyalists (and Vilmanians) was beaten by the rock or the protest sign during the dark Marcos era. The original balimbing was Vilma Santos when she played the lead nun in "Sister Stella L" and changed her "V for Vilma" to the protest sign.

Some college students occassionally get an insight and question the whole RPS philosophy:

It may be true but alas, it means the end of childhood. As in, poetry is a way of reclaiming lost childhood and this dude is no poet. In fact, he missed the whole symbolism of the paper beating the rock. The paper means the written word and it can beat the rock, symbol this time for violence and lawlessness. He may have gained an insight but it meant his entry into being an adult asshole.

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