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A famous Filipino broadcast journalist who chose to seek asylum in China in 1971 during his activist days plans to be one of the eight expatriates who would be chosen to carry the Olympic torch. Jaime FlorCruz, the bureau chief of CNN Beijing, and his 17-year-old daughter Stephanie are asking Filipinos to vote for them in the online contest set to choose the torch bearers in the Beijing Olympics set on August 2008.
FlorCruz, then the editor-in-chief of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, was one of 15 Filipino youths invited by the China Friendship Association in August 1971 for a three-week tour. It was at that time that the late President Ferdinand Marcos suspended the writ of habeas corpus and detained many of the oppositionists. FlorCruz, a staunch anti-Marcos activist, chose to stay until the declaration of martial law a year later, found him stranded in China.
"Through the years, I have experienced China in unusual ways. In 1972, I planted rice, picked tea leaves and fed pigs in a farm in Hunan Province. A year later, I worked in a trawler of a Shandongfishing company, navigating ships and shoveling fish," FlorCruz said in his introduction at the Olympic contest sponsored by China Daily and Lenovo.
He soon became an English teacher in Beijing.
"Beijing has brought me countless blessings. I met my Filipino wife and raised my two children here. It was also here where, 25 years ago, I started my career as an international journalist: first as reporter for Newsweek and later as correspondent and Beijing bureau chief of TIME Magazine," he said.
During his stint in Time, he co-wrote a book about the Tiananmen incident in the summer of 1989 entitled, Massacre at Beijing.
"I covered the 1988 Seoul Olympics for TIME Magazine and Sports Illustrated. Now I am looking forward to covering the Beijing Games as well, this time as CNN's Beijing Bureau Chief. It would be fun not just to report on it but to actually participate as one of the torch bearers during the relay," FlorCruz added.
He is married to Ana Segovia and they have two children: son Johai and daughter Michelle.
His daughter also decided to join the contest.
"I was "Made in China", born in the Philippines, and bred in Beijing. I guess that makes me a top-quality product, a fusion of different cultures," Michelle wrote.
"I'm turning 17 soon and am very much at home here. I am keenly learning Mandarin, Chinese history and culture. I'm now a senior in high school at the International School of Beijing, where over 1,000 students are enrolled from different parts of the world. In school I play rugby and softball," she added.
You can vote for Jaime through this link: and Michelle through this:

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Blogger marionne said...

Nope, nope ,nope!

Am voting for Chong Loi if he does not win, Ching Chung Chai na lang or better si Joseph laengen!!!!


10:55 AM  
Blogger frank cimatu said...

turfe. hindi naman chinese expat mga iyun. chinese nga talaga

11:40 AM  

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