Friday, June 01, 2007

Spelling Bee

A 13-year Californian boy won this year's Spelling Bee. You must have watched the movies that chronicles how hard is it to climb that ladder. Are you as good as them? Here are the words mentioned in the Ap article and here are their pronounciations and definitions. Spell them.
1) klévviss: noun. a U-shaped device for holding rod. Origin unknown. Favorite Samir Patel didn't get this.
2) fō-shär' or fō-shar': noun. a long-handed weapon. Even encarta and webster online dictionaries don't know this. Origin is Old French "fauchart," equiv. to fauch(er) to cut with a scythe
3) za-ca-teh. Spanish. a grassy plant. Tia Thomas would love to mow this.
4) ′sī-eh-nō′fīs-ian. an algae. Isabel Jacobson was haunted by this.
5) an-uh-sahy-koh-nee-uh. a defect of vision in which the images at the retinas are unequal in size. Joseph Henares was deceived by this.
6) SHOO-plaht-ler. a lively Alpine folk dance," 1874, from Ger., from schuh "shoe" + south Ger. dial. plattler, from platteln "to dance
7) kuh-rahy-zuh. cold in the head. Nate Gartke had a headache with this.
8. sâr-fn. a small forceps for clamping a blood vessel. The winning word.


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